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ven. 28 juil.


Xin Zhou Shi

Healing and Travelling retreat in China

Heal you heart and body in beautiful mountains and ancient cultural wisdom

Healing and Travelling retreat in China

Heure et lieu

28 juil., 19:00 – 17 août, 11:20

Xin Zhou Shi, 2H5W+2GR, 205 Sheng Dao, Wu Tai Xian, Xin Zhou Shi, Shan Xi Sheng, Chine, 035515


À propos de l'événement

Healing and Travelling retreat in China

28 July -17 August (21days)

Heal you heart and body in beautiful mountains and ancient cultural wisdom

We will vist and practise in : 

Beautiful Wolong Bay International Health Resort卧龙湾国际康养中心

Kaihua Buddhist Temple (it’s about 1500 years from now)

Wutaishan, a big Buddhist holy mountains with 47 temples lies on, wait you to receive wisdom slowly

Yan Emperor temple (shows the story of Yan Emperor, a creator of Chinese civilization about 4500 years ago)

Contents of healing course

1, The theory of Zhineng qigong medicine

2, Change the sick pattern of thinking and living, install healthy pattern for life

3, Learn and practice healing methods

4, 3 days fasting meditation for cleaning body

5, 3 days silence meditation for purify consciousness

6, Teacher’s will give healing guidance for each participant

7, Get healing from Chinese teachers

8, Group qi field healing- disappear tumor and blockages


28 July, teacher Tao will pick up you from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport( CGO), and bring you come to Wolongwan Healthy Center

28 July- 10 August, practice in the center, forest and nearby temples: Kaihau Buddhist temple and Yan Emperor temple

11 August, take a train or bus to Wutaishan

11-17 August, travel and practice in Wutaishan

17 August, we take a train or bus to Beijing, then retreat is finished. Then you can decide you trip or  fly back to your country

Teachers: teacher Wei and Tao

Payment: 2400 € / 2500 USD (include the tuition, food, room, transport, Tickets of the temples, the tickets of train or bus from Wutaishan to Beijing)

For a single room, you need pay extra 120 RMB per day.

How to get here:

1. You can find most suitable flights to fly to Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport(CGO)on the internet.

2. After you arrived at the Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport,we will arrange a teacher(Teacher Tao) to pick you up to Wolong Bay International Health Resort Center.

3. Once you have booked your air- ticket, please send us your flight information early


During travelling time, the temperature of Wutaishan is about 15~30 degrees, please take  suitable warm clothes.

If you need buy something in China, you should exchange some Chinese Yuan early.

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