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Hunyuan shen shi Congenital qi Intensive Training
Hunyuan shen shi Congenital qi Intensive Training

mer. 26 août


From Xi'an center

Hunyuan shen shi Congenital qi Intensive Training

A strong congenital Qi field gives longevity

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Heure et lieu / Date & Time

26 août 2020, 09:00 UTC+2 – 20 sept. 2020, 11:30 UTC+2

From Xi'an center

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Hun Yuan Shen Shi

Ming men palace

Intensive Training

A strong congenital Qi field

gives longevity

One month online retreat

August 26th - Sept 20th 2020

3 sessions a week :

wednesday, saturday & sunday

9h – 11h30 Paris time15:00 – 17:30 pm Beijing time

2.5 hours each session

Hun yuan shen shi is also named Ming men palace.

It is a vital place for our body and life vitality. Congenital kidney qi is located in. It stores our ancestors and complete human being information. It is essential for our genital system and our whole life. The moment our parents united as one, all their information and ancestral information has been reflected and stored in Hun yuan shen shi.

Hun yuan shen shi is the source of the five organs, the roots of twelve meridians, the gate of the breath, the guardian angel against evil !

We will practice to strengthen up our congenital qi field. We will combine the acquired Qi, from food and water, with the congenital Qi into one to form a very important and powerful Qi for our life.

To strengthen up kidneys Qi and congenital Qi field

can greatly extend our life span, we can live very long.

There are many long-lived practioners in taoism. They practiced more internal Qi and congenital qi field. They lived a very good quality life and obtained longevity.

The Taoist Li Qingyun (1677-1933) lived for 256 years. His master lived over 500 years. At the age of 100, he received a special award from the government for his outstanding achievements in Traditional Chinese Medicine. At the age of 200, he often lectured in various places.

In zhineng science, we emphasize the importance of hun yuan shen shi. There are various ways to practice and strengthen it up, and also some special methods for it.

There is a strong connection between hun yuan shen shi and Yiyuanti. When hun yuan shen shi Qi is abundant, it can directly rises up to nourrish the brain and Yiyuanti. It is an important foundation to connect and support the yiyuanti.

In this unique online workshop, we will focus more

on how to practice congenital qi

We will give an intensive hun yuan shen shi training to :

  • Make hunyuan shen shi qi strong and abondant.
  • Support and improve Yiyuanti.
  • Greatly improve our health and vitality.
  • Make our life as long as possible.

Hun yuan ling tong !!


  • What is the congenital qi field of hun yuan shen shi ?
  • Why can we achieve longevity by practicing hun yuan shen shi ?
  • How can we live long with a good health and a happy life ?
  • What is the relationship between hun yuan shen shi and “Zang Fu” (five organs and their functions)
  • What is the relationship between hun yuan shen shi and Yiyuanti ?
  • How to practice hun yuan shen shi in qi field practise and in daily life practise?
  • How to strengthen up hun yuan shen shi quikly?
  • How to masterize our emotions ?
  • How to be the master of our own life ?

One of the aims of Qigong science

is to help human being’s life

to achieve longevity and total freedom.


Kai-He of Hun yuan shen shi

Open and loose the spine

Kai-He of Yiyuanti

Wall squats with mingmen Kai-He

Huxi ruyao baibing quanxiao

Given by Xi’an centre's teachers team



We are happy to propose translation in italian, spanish, french, and more to come.If you would like a translation in your language,

please let us know about it

Retreat fees

First time retreat : 220€ - 250usd

Second time or more : 205€ - 230usd

Only recordings : 195€ - 220usd

  • Includes 12 english sessions during 1 month long
  • Video and audio english recordings
  • A Whatsapp group to share with the community and with teachers
  • An international qi community to support to learn, practise and help each other

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