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Awake pure consciousness, Experience universal love
Awake pure consciousness, Experience universal love

dim. 17 mai


By the Xi'an zhineng center

Awake pure consciousness, Experience universal love

1 month retreat to change our lives

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Heure et lieu / Date & Time

17 mai 2020, 09:00 UTC+2 – 12 juin 2020, 23:00 UTC+2

By the Xi'an zhineng center

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Online retreatLead by Xi'an center teacherszhineng qigong science​ research center  

The workshop will be experienced online 

From 17 mai to 13 juin 2020

3 times a week : wednesday, saturday, sunday

In early 2020, no one thought that the world would be radically changed by a tiny virus. No one imagined that one day people would be caged as a species to protect. Humanity has lost its freedom, while animals and birds have gained theirs. They can walk, eat and play freely in cities and streets. Nature can regain its balance. Carbon dioxide is less released, pollution is gone. The sky is blue, the flowers are incredibly beautiful. The air is fresh and clean. 

The way people work and live has also been forced to change, breaking some old traditional patterns. Most of humanity now has time. We have reduced our lives speed. Everyone has the opportunity to think about the meaning we give to life, and the direction in which we want to go.


How can we live in harmony with nature, animals and all living beings ?


How can we take care of earth,

our  home in share ?

We are a big family,

we are one  

We are a whole

Soon the lock down will disappear, It is time for human beings to come back to life. We need to recognize to our true nature and to awake it to create the meaning life we feel from our heart. It is the way to know true love. Real love comes from our genuine being, pur, spontaneous, and boundless

Then we will naturally  and consciously love our self, love family, love the world, love all creatures of the nature.

True love is pure, selfless, broad, it can benefits to all living beings and help to develop a new human civilisation. We will embody the change we want for this world to become more harmonious and loveful.

Theory, we will study :

•What’s about the true-self,how to awaken your true-self

•Yiyuanti theory

•Three level matter of theory .

•The zhineng science viewpoint of world

•The zhineng science viewpoint of life

•What is the real life of human being?what is the meaning of life?

•What is the reference framework,

relations between the Yiyuanti and reference framework

•What is the love,what is the real love?

•How to love yourself,how to love the world and nature?

Methods we will practise 

• La Qi (open and close qi) 

• Chen Qi (stretch qi) 

• Wallsquats 

• Sitting or standing meditations.

Healing sessions 

Collective healing session with the qi .

Collective healing session with true self

Lead by a team of teachers from the Xi'an center 

Teacher Yuan Ming, Zhu Wanfeng et Ye Tijie. 

We have the blessing and the joy to have a woman teacher with us, teacher Ye Tijie

3 sessions a week

From 17 mai to 13 juin 2020

Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 

9 am - 11.30 am french time 

3 pm - 5.30 pm Beijing time

Find your time zone :

Every session will be recorded and available online.

Possibility to add a collective replay session later in the day

to practice toghether with american practioners. (send email if interested)

Fees : 220€ (euros) 

It includes 1 month tuition : 3 times a week.

Session recordings

30 min questions/answers session every week with teachers

Payment is to be made through paypal on this link : (soon to come)

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